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Danielle Kelley is the Director at Cypress High School.  She has been in education for over 27 years and holds a Doctorate in Educational Management from Northcentral University in Arizona.  Dr. Kelley holds both a master’s degree in education and in Marriage and Family Therapy.  In addition, she holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Western Kentucky University.

As the Director of Cypress High School, Dr. Kelley seeks to bring non-traditional education to the community in a manner that meets the needs of today’s youth academically and professionally. Her goal, together with the community, is to create a school culture where students feel supported, safe, and motivated.  Dr. Kelley stresses the importance of developing the whole student; academically, social and emotionally, career certification opportunities and job placement which promotes student success and satisfaction.


Amy Morgan is an assistant director at Cypress High School with a passion for travel, camping, and reading. She is also a huge animal lover, and has two Dachshunds named Kelby and Hank, as well as two golden retrievers named Macy and Mason.

Amy has been married to her husband Mike for 20 years, and they have two children together named Riley and Lauren. She obtained her Associates in Early Childhood Education and later went on to earn her Bachelor's degree in Business. Currently, Amy is pursuing her Masters in Business and Leadership.

Aside from her work at the high school, Amy enjoys spending time with her family and pets, exploring new destinations, and immersing herself in a good book. Her love for nature and the outdoors has led her on many camping trips and hiking excursions, and she is always eager to experience new adventures.

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Sylvia Babajide is a Family Advocate at Cypress High School, dedicated to supporting families and students in need. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Sylvia is the second eldest of four siblings and was raised by her parents and maternal grandmother. She is currently married with two adult children.

Sylvia graduated from Miami University of Oxford Ohio with a degree in Secondary Education and a minor in History. She then went on to work for nearly a decade as a Social Worker II in Child Welfare in both Lorain and Richland counties. She also taught Special Education classes in English and Social Studies at Mansfield City Schools at both the Elementary and High School levels, and taught Social Studies in a Residential Treatment Facility. Additionally, with the support of her husband, Sylvia was a Therapeutic Foster Parent.

Before coming to Cypress, Sylvia sold Health and Life Insurance and worked for a now defunct non-profit in Columbus as a QMHS 1 (Qualified Mental Health Specialist providing case management). In her free time, Sylvia enjoys occasionally swimming, crocheting, and reading. She is an avid reader of History, Anthropology, and Archaeology, and also enjoys spending time with her grandson virtually and traveling.

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Jill Dailey is an experienced enrollment specialist with a passion for helping students achieve their goals. With over 30 years of experience in the field of education, Jill has become known for her expertise in guiding students through the enrollment process and ensuring they have the support they need to succeed.

Jill is a proud wife and mother of six children, as well as a grandmother to twelve grandchildren. Her love for her family is evident in everything she does, and she cherishes every opportunity to spend time with them. Jill also has two beagles and two cats, and she enjoys caring for her furry friends as part of her daily routine.

When she's not busy with work or family, Jill loves to explore the great outdoors. She's an avid camper and hiker, and she relishes the chance to get out into nature and soak up the beauty of the world around her. Jill is also a professional photographer with many years of experience, and she enjoys capturing the essence of people and places through her lens.

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Cory Monica is a native of Mansfield, Ohio, where he spent most of his childhood. After graduating from Lexington high school, he earned a Bachelor's degree in Arts and Science from the University of Akron. Cory is happily married and a proud father of three children and two stepsons.

For over 15 years, Cory worked in the hospitality industry, gaining valuable experience while working for his family's business. However, he decided to pursue a new challenge, which led him to a career in education. In 2021, Cory joined the team at Cypress as a business teacher, and through hard work and dedication, he quickly rose through the ranks to become a Placement Specialist.

Cory's passion for education and his commitment to helping students achieve their career goals make him a valuable asset to the Cypress community. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and volunteering for local community organizations.

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Myra Karcher is an Intervention Specialist with a passion for helping students achieve their full potential. With a diverse educational background, Myra has developed a unique set of skills that have allowed her to excel in her field.

Myra began her academic journey at Seattle University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Accounting. After several years in the business world, Myra decided to pursue her passion for education and obtained a Bachelor's Plus degree and a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction from Ashland University.

When she is not working with students, Myra enjoys spending time with her large family. She has seven children, aged 15-26, and two fabulous grandchildren. Myra's love for her family is reflected in her dedication to her work, and she often draws upon her experiences as a mother to better understand and connect with her students.

In her free time, Myra enjoys baking pies and playing Euchre with her parents. Her love of cooking and card games is a testament to her warm and welcoming personality, and she is known for creating a comfortable and supportive environment for her students.



Sam Thompson worked as a substitute teacher in Pennsylvania.  Once he had his fill of teaching random elementary and middle school students, he decided to move to Ohio to stick with high school students to ensure they have the grammar skills they need to succeed in life.

His hobbies include analyzing movies until there is nothing left to pick apart, reading comics about superheroes as an escape from reality and dominating the online community in various video games.  He also writes on occasion.
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Kalyn Russell is a second-year teacher at Cypress High School. She graduated from Heidelberg University in 2019 with a degree in education with a concentration in social studies.

At home, Kalyn has a one-year-old daughter and three German Shepherds who keep her busy. She is an avid runner who loves to compete in 5k's in her spare time.

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Taylor Shoemaker is the science teacher at Cypress High School and grew up in Williamson, NY. Taylor has always had a passion for the natural world, which led her to earn a bachelor's degree in Wildlife Biology from Malone University. She later pursued her interest in environmental sustainability and earned an MBA in Environmental Sustainability and Policy Management from Southern New Hampshire University.

In her free time, Taylor enjoys wildlife rehabilitation, bird watching, and hiking with her three dogs. She is also an avid reader of fantasy novels, a video game enthusiast, and loves spending time with her boyfriend, William, and her two children. Her diverse range of hobbies and interests allows her to bring a unique perspective to her teaching and inspires her students to think beyond the classroom.

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Cassidy Johannsen is a talented and dedicated math teacher who has been inspiring students in Ohio for several years. She grew up in the small town of Wakeman, Ohio. Cassidy pursued her passion for math and earned her Bachelor's degree from Ashland University. She also participated in several extracurricular activities, including two academic Honors societies.

Outside of her profession, Cassidy enjoys reading, doing puzzles, and watching true crime documentaries. She has a keen interest in the workings of the human mind and enjoys exploring different psychological theories related to criminal behavior. As a math teacher, Cassidy is known for her patient and supportive teaching style. She understands that math can be challenging for many students and works hard to help them overcome their difficulties.

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Beth Hahn has worked in education for over 35 years as a kindergarten teacher, substitute teacher, Director of Youth Ministries, Program Coordinator for The Developmentally Disabled, and currently, as an Instructional Assistant at Cypress High.  Her favorite role has always been mother of four and grandmother of nine. In her free time she enjoys going to her son's professional wrestling matches, Rocky Horror Picture Show live performances, her grandchildrens sporting events, and movies.

She attended San Francisco State University before moving back to Ohio, and has been a Mansfield resident since 2020.  Beth's daily goal is to support our students, meeting them where they are to assure they feel appreciated, encouraged, important, loved,  and part of a family that promotes their success.  In addition, she wants them to be empowered with social awareness, etiquette, professionalism, acceptance, and the confidence to self advocate while enjoying their lives as they are, but continue to strive for progression.
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Bradley Perkins is a resident of Shelby, Ohio, where he lives with his wife, three children, three dogs and two cat. Bradley is a multifaceted individual with a range of interests that include technology, manufacturing, and the arts. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mobile Development and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from Full Sail University.

Bradley's career in manufacturing has been diverse, having worked in various positions, including Quality Assurance and Tool and Die. His expertise and dedication to his work have allowed him to progress in his career and take on more challenging roles. Bradley's passion for technology is evident from his degree in Mobile Development, which gave him knowledge and experience in programming and other technological advancements.

In his free time, Bradley enjoys working out, playing guitar, and writing. He is also an avid collector of comics and vintage arcades, which he restores to their original condition. Bradley's love of writing has led him to pursue a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing, where he has honed his skills and developed his own unique style. Bradley is a talented and multifaceted individual who balances his work, family, and personal interests with ease.

He is also an active member of his community and has volunteered his time as a coach for youth sports in baseball and softball.

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Breanna Horn is a highly skilled and experienced medical professional who obtained her medical assisting degree from The Ohio School of Phlebotomy. With eight years of experience in the medical field, Breanna has developed a reputation as a knowledgeable and dedicated healthcare provider.

Currently pursuing a degree from Bowling Green State University, Breanna is set to graduate in 2023. Her academic pursuits have allowed her to deepen her knowledge of healthcare and expand her skill set.

When she is not working or studying, Breanna enjoys spending time with her dog, Oakley. She also enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking and exploring new places. Her love of nature and the outdoors is a reflection of her passion for wellness and living a healthy lifestyle.