Now NCAA Eligible

🎓🌟🏀 Hey everyone! Exciting news – we're not your typical high school. At Cypress, you can earn your high school diploma AND snag some career tech certificates while you're at it! But wait, there's more – you can still rep your home district on the sports field! Talk about the best of both worlds! So lace up those sneakers, hit the books, and let's make some dreams happen! Go for the win, both on and off the field! 🎓🌟🏀




Our Successes

  1. College aspirations: Many students have dreams of playing college sports, and being NCAA Eligible allows them to pursue these dreams even if their current high school doesn't offer sports programs.
  2. Flexibility: Being NCAA Eligible provides students with the flexibility to participate in sports programs at other schools while still completing their academic requirements at their current high school.
  3. Competitive advantage: Students who are NCAA Eligible may have an advantage when applying to colleges and universities, particularly if they excel in their chosen sport. This eligibility demonstrates their commitment to athletics and can enhance their overall college application.
  4. Personal development: Participating in sports can contribute to students' personal growth and development by teaching them valuable life skills such as teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. Even if their current high school doesn't offer sports, being NCAA Eligible allows students to continue pursuing these benefits elsewhere.

Overall, being NCAA Eligible opens doors for students to pursue their athletic aspirations while still receiving an education at a high school that may not offer sports programs. It empowers them to balance their academic and athletic goals and positions them for success in both realms.